Battery Heaters

Birk Manufacturing has designed and manufactured battery heaters for many years. Etched foil and wire wound heaters can be insulated with Kapton®, silicone rubber or butyl rubber. These heaters can be made in many shapes and sizes using various materials to suit the specific application.

Click here to download the Thermal Systems for Battery Heating Applications sheet (PDF).

Battery Heaters

Additional Heaters

Kapton Heaters
Kapton® Heaters

can be made up to 6" wide and 62" long and as thin as 0.006" (0.15mm).

Kapton Heaters
Silicone Rubber Heaters

can be made 35" (889mm) wide x unlimited length and as thin as 0.020" (0.5mm)

Kapton Heaters
Butyl Heaters

can be made up to
35" (889mm) x 120" (4248mm) and as thin as 0.080" (2.0 mm)

Heaters can be designed to be impervious to battery electrolytes and waterproof for outdoor applications. Battery heaters can have thermostats or sensors built in to regulate temperature. These heaters can be custom designed in odd shapes and conform to the specific battery surface. They can be held in place with various fasteners such as Velcro®, snaps, eyelets and boot hooks.

Birk also provides cords and plugs to provide a complete assembly ready for installation. Battery heaters can also be combined with heat sinks by bonding the heaters to various metal surfaces.

Birk Manufacturing is known for rapid quotations, quick turn around on prototypes and competitive pricing.