Kapton heaters

What is a Kapton Heater?

A kapton heater Kapton Flexible HeatersIs a polyimide film used in conjunction with etched foil circuits to produce very thin flexible heaters. Kapton? Has excellent dielectric qualities to provide 5000 volts dielectric per . 001 inch (. 025mm) thickness. Birk Manufacturing uses many types of Kapton with two bonding systems. An FEP teflon is a thermo flow polymer and a thermo flow acrylic. The FEP bonded Kapton has a continuous temperature capability of 500°F (260°C), the acrylic bonded Kapton has a continuous temperature capability of 250°F (120°C). Birk can manufacture Kapton heaters up to 6 inches (300mm) wide by 65 inches (1651mm) long, the largest in the industry, and thickness from .003 inches (. 07mm) to . 010 inches (. 254mm).

Using a proprietary process, Birk bonds foil to Kapton. Prior to etching, and after etching then bonds a top insulation ply to the assembly. Birk can also bond these heaters to metal surfaces with a bond line as thin as . 0005 inch (. 0127mm) providing excellent bond strength and heat transfer.