MD&M West 2018 Thank You

Thank You for Visiting us at MD&M West 2018

Dear Attendee,
Thank you for joining us at booth number # 2856 during the MD&M West 2018. We had a great time at the event. We would like to credit this success to attendees like you, who have shown interest in our thermal heating solutions for the medical industry. We hope that you liked the product on display and conversations with our product matter experts.

We were impressed by the number of visitors to our booth. Also, we are rejoicing for the overwhelming response received for our products like Kapton® Heating Solutions, Silicone Rubber Heating Systems, Flexible Heaters, RAPT°R Heated Tubes, etc. We would like to continue our discussion on how these products will help you make significant contributions to the ever-critical and fast-growing medical device manufacturing field.

For further queries and discussions on our industry-leading products, and services, please feel free to contact us at You can also contact our experts by calling on (860) 739-4170.

So, we consider our participation in MD&M West 2018 as a success. Thank you once again for visiting us. We hope to hear from you soon.

What are the Modern Custom Solutions for Flexible Heating Elements?

Flexible heaters are used in multiple industries. The greatest advantage of these heaters is their durability and precision. This allows manufacturers to design and produce custom flexible heating elements to meet specific requirements per industry requirements and regulations.

Understanding Flexible Heating Elements and their Advantages

heating elementManufacturers who specialize in producing custom flexible heating elements can design these heaters using a variety of flexible materials such as butyl, mica, Kapton®, and silicone rubber. Such materials can provide different application benefits such as resistance to UV damage, moisture, and chemicals.

Flexible materials also give the engineers the freedom to design the heaters in a variety of custom shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. They can also be manufactured with multiple circuits, and custom watt densities. (more…)