MD&M West 2018 Thank You

Thank You for Visiting us at MD&M West 2018

Dear Attendee,
Thank you for joining us at booth number # 2856 during the MD&M West 2018. We had a great time at the event. We would like to credit this success to attendees like you, who have shown interest in our thermal heating solutions for the medical industry. We hope that you liked the product on display and conversations with our product matter experts.

We were impressed by the number of visitors to our booth. Also, we are rejoicing for the overwhelming response received for our products like Kapton® Heating Solutions, Silicone Rubber Heating Systems, Flexible Heaters, RAPT°R Heated Tubes, etc. We would like to continue our discussion on how these products will help you make significant contributions to the ever-critical and fast-growing medical device manufacturing field.

For further queries and discussions on our industry-leading products, and services, please feel free to contact us at You can also contact our experts by calling on (860) 739-4170.

So, we consider our participation in MD&M West 2018 as a success. Thank you once again for visiting us. We hope to hear from you soon.

MD&M West Expo. 2018

Birk Manufacturing to Display Products at MD&M West 2018 Expo!

Here’s a good news for all the loyal customers and potential clients of Birk Manufacturing, Inc. The company will be exhibiting its best products at the upcoming Medical Design and Manufacturing West (MD & M West) event 2018. It is considered to be one of the largest MedTech events in North America. You can meet team Birk at booth number # 2856.

What Does Birk Manufacturing, Inc. Has to Offer at the Expo?

The company will be seen displaying some of its best-selling products, such as:

  • Kapton® Heating Solutions: This is a superior flexible heating solution. For high vacuum environments, Birk can offer customized Kapton® heaters.
  • Silicone Rubber Heating Systems: Flexible, resistant to chemicals, and rugged, the silicone rubber heaters are another best-selling products from Birk Manufacturing. These heaters can be manufactured with etched foil circuits, or resistance wire, as per the customer requirement.
  • Temperature Sensors: These customizable temperature sensors can be integrated into new or existing sytems giving customers a complete turn-key solution.


All About Silicone Rubber Heaters: Industrial Applications and Operations

Certain applications need to undergo heating processes up to a particular temperature and silicone rubber heaters perform diligently in these cases. These can be defined as lightweight and flexible heaters that are capable of heating up to 450°F. Being a flexible heater, it can be integrated with the surface that requires heating and can be easily affixed or connected with other parts of the system.

The major benefit that lies with silicone flexible heaters is that they transfer heat with uniformity and rapidity. This is mainly because of 3 obvious aspects – 1) the thin construction of the heater 2) the uniformity of its heating pattern and heating circuit and 3) its closeness to the surface of the application.

Distinguishable features of silicone rubber heaters and their types

Although thin and flexible, silicone rubber heaters are known to be rugged and capable of maintaining dimensional stability. This is because the fiberglass grid of these heaters firmly supports the silicone sheets, which in turn encompass the heating elements of this device.

Being resistant to moisture and chemicals, silicone flexible heaters are considered to be convenient to work with. These are compatible with both flat and curved surfaces and can be factory vulcanized for being used in metallic surfaces. Capable of accommodating cut-outs and holes, silicone heaters can be constructed with thermostats, RTDs, thermocouples or thermal fuses. When it comes to fastening the heaters to a surface, a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) vulcanization or RTV can do the job.

2 types of silicone rubber heaters are available in the market, namely: (more…)