Etched foil circuits are important components in flexible electronics and appliances. These circuits can be found in flexible heaters, which are used in a variety of industrial applications such as medical incubators and genetic testing systems; aerospace battery packs and navigation equipment, and semiconductor acid heating in wafer processing baths.

Needless to say, there are a variety of applications that have specific requirements for the etched foil circuits. Hence, custom etch foil circuits design and manufacturing solutions are required.

Custom Etch Foil Circuit Solutions
Manufacturers can meet specific industrial application requirements by providing a variety of custom solutions.

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Temperature is one of the most common parameters used to measure, monitor, and control certain processes in various industries. Temperature probes are perhaps the best solution to collect accurate temperature measurements and improve application efficiency.

Birk Manufacturing provides custom temperature sensor probes, and resistance temperature detection (RTD) solutions for industries. These are effectively used in many applications in a variety of industries including medical, chemical, manufacturing, and aerospace.

Specialized Temperature Sensor Probe Solutions for Industries

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portable battery heatersPortable battery heaters are among the important supporting heating products that are used in demanding applications in industries such as aviation, military, naval, and aerospace, to name a few. They are designed to keep battery or battery packs at optimal operating temperatures in sub-zero climates.

Battery heaters are typically heated using flexible heaters manufactured with silicone rubber. Silicone rubber can be waterproof and is chemical resistant. Silicone rubber can also be cured to fit 3D shapes making it the ideal material for portable battery heaters. Many models available are self-regulating, eliminating the need for active thermal management helping to reduce cost and complexity.

When producing portable batter heaters, Birk Manufacturing ensure that their design and manufacturing techniques all adhere to industrial, commercial, and military standards including:

Certain applications need to undergo heating processes up to a particular temperature and silicone rubber heaters perform diligently in these cases. These can be defined as lightweight and flexible heaters that are capable of heating up to 450°F. Being a flexible heater, it can be integrated with the surface that requires heating and can be easily affixed or connected with other parts of the system.

The major benefit that lies with silicone flexible heaters is that they transfer heat with uniformity and rapidity. This is mainly because of 3 obvious aspects – 1) the thin construction of the heater 2) the uniformity of its heating pattern and heating circuit and 3) its closeness to the surface of the application.

Distinguishable features of silicone rubber heaters and their types

Although thin and flexible, silicone rubber heaters are known to be rugged and capable of maintaining dimensional stability. This is because the fiberglass grid of these heaters firmly supports the silicone sheets, which in turn encompass the heating elements of this device.

Being resistant to moisture and chemicals, silicone flexible heaters are considered to be convenient to work with. These are compatible with both flat and curved surfaces and can be factory vulcanized for being used in metallic surfaces. Capable of accommodating cut-outs and holes, silicone heaters can be constructed with thermostats, RTDs, thermocouples or thermal fuses. When it comes to fastening the heaters to a surface, a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) vulcanization or RTV can do the job.

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