Here at Birk Manufacturing we have the pleasure of developing products for a vast array of applications. We have designed heaters and thermal solutions for toys and in the same month have developed heaters for space stations. In our industry we are able to provide a thermal solution anywhere an end customer may need heat. Our top industries cover the following areas:

1. Medical
2. Semiconductor
3. Defense
4. Industrial
5. Commercial

Just because these are our top industries does not mean we are only limited to these industries as we have provided solutions to other industries and applications. One day we could be designing a heater for a blood analyzer and the next we could be designing a sub-assembly for railway threshold.

If you need to provide, control or localize a thermal solution, we can help you with your design. We may not have designed a solution for your application but we have surely done something similar. New industries and applications (no matter how big or small) are always welcomed at Birk Manufacturing!

Mark O’Connell
Engineering Manager

This week we are planning our Physical Inventory and Christmas parties, the two apparently do not mix well. This is the time of year we rejoice and reflect on the past year, and then set a course for the New Year. Our company, as a whole, has a lot to be very thankful for, made possible by the combined efforts of many individuals. Through out the year there have been some growing pains to be sure, but with the understanding that is essential for the company to move forward. All the employees have been challenged to continue to grow by learning new subjects or gain a deeper understanding resulting in leaving their comfort zone. We do not go by the status quo; we know that will not work. We have an opportunity to control our own destiny, an opportunity that many other companies don’t have, and we all share in the rewards.

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As I sit and enjoy my lunch and the brief calm moment at my desk, I can hear the cheers and jeers of the employees playing and watching badminton in the building, a brief smile appears. By nature I am a product type guy, usually trying to build a better mouse trap or thinking about cost efficiencies, so the idea of having a bad mitten court in the building was a bit foreign!  Reflecting further, I recognize the success our company has achieved and the effort that everyone is contributing, this is a great group and that I am very fortunate to be part of building a first class company, so play on.

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This is a continuation of my blog titled Customer Service and the 5 Rules of Birk.

The 5 Rules of Birk manufacturing convey basic principles we feel are fundamental to doing good business.  They are:

1 – Customer First

2 – Help Each Other

3 – Learn New Skills

4 – Communicate

5 – Have Fun

BIRK RULE #2 – Help Each Other

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