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Heating is an important process in both stagnant and dynamic applications. In fact, controlled and uniform heating is an integral process for many critical applications that require specific temperature ranges to ensure crucial analysis or delivery. This is where flexible heaters are used. Most of these are polyimide film heaters, which are also known throughout the industry as Kapton® heaters....

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A kapton heater Is a polyimide film used in conjunction with etched foil circuits to produce very thin flexible heaters. Kapton? Has excellent dielectric qualities to provide 5000 volts dielectric per . 001 inch (. 025mm) thickness. Birk Manufacturing uses many types of Kapton with two bonding systems. An FEP teflon is a thermo flow polymer and a thermo flow acrylic....

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Birk Manufacturing realizes the stringent requirements of the medical and analytical equipment industries, their need for high quality control standards, traceability of all components and precise work history of each part manufactured by Birk. We work very closely with our clients in the development of products and establishment of manufacturing and quality control procedures to ensure products meet the customer’s...

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