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A resistance temperature detector (RTD) is a type of temperature sensor that measures temperature by sensing the change in resistance on the surface. These RTD sensors are small, have quick response times, and offer high-temperature sensitivity. Owing to their immense popularity, several different types of RTDs are used in multiple industries for various purposes. The common types are 1,000 ohms...

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Silicone rubber heaters are thin, flexible heating solutions that can be adhered or laminated to a variety of different substrates that require elevated, stable temperatures. Constructed using wire-wound or etched foil heating circuits that are then laminated between two thin layers of silicone, these resilient, reliable heaters are optimal for delivering uniform heat. Customized circuitries allow for heaters to have...

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RTDs or resistance temperature detectors are commonly used to accurately and quickly measure the temperature of applications. These devices can be constructed using various materials such as platinum, nickel, copper, nickel- iron, etc. These different materials can have an effect on the functionality of the RTD. (more…)

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