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Easy application of heat where it is needed no matter the shapes, sizes, and dimensions is what adds to the wide popularity of silicon rubber heaters. Manufactured with wire or etched foil heating circuits placed between two “wafers” of silicone, these heating solutions are available in varying watt densities, dual voltages and multiple heated zones. In the last post, we...

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Silicone rubber heaters are thin, flexible heating solutions that can be adhered or laminated to a variety of different substrates that require elevated, stable temperatures. Constructed using wire-wound or etched foil heating circuits that are then laminated between two thin layers of silicone, these resilient, reliable heaters are optimal for delivering uniform heat. Customized circuitries allow for heaters to have...

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Certain applications need to undergo heating processes up to a particular temperature and silicone rubber heaters perform diligently in these cases. These can be defined as lightweight and flexible heaters that are capable of heating up to 450°F. Being a flexible heater, it can be integrated with the surface that requires heating and can be easily affixed or connected with...

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