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Thermocouple sensors are among the popular types of sensing elements used to measure temperature in industrial applications. They are selected from other sensors such as thermistors, semiconductors, and Resistance Thermometer Detectors (RTD). Let us understand more about thermocouples, their advantages and uses. (more…)

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In most applications, temperature is a parameter that needs to be constantly monitored. This is because the functioning of an application depends on the temperature. Hence, monitoring is important to make sure the optimal temperature is maintained at all times. For this particular function, we use temperature sensors like Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) sensors, thermocouples, etc. What is a Resistance...

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Temperature is one of the most common parameters used to measure, monitor, and control certain processes in various industries. Temperature Sensor probes are perhaps the best solution to collect accurate temperature measurements and improve application efficiency. Birk Manufacturing provides custom temperature sensor probes, and resistance temperature detection (RTD) solutions for industries. These are effectively used in many applications in a...

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In simple words, temperature sensors are devices that collect data temperature from a specific source. These devices transform the information to data that can be easily deciphered by another device. Temperature sensors come in a variety of types and are used for a wide range of medical, industrial, defense, and Aerospace applications. These sensors are needed in applications where a...

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