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Birk Manufacturing is one of the leading KaptonŽ heating manufacturers in the United States. Birk's KaptonŽ heaters provide even distribution of heat and exhibit exceptionally fast rates of thermal recovery. These KaptonŽ film heaters are thin and an ideal solution for small profile and/or complex two-dimensional applications. Birk understands that there are many variations in heating requirements. Therefore, Birk provides thin custom KaptonŽ heaters of the highest quality. Dependent of your applications needs, Birk's KaptonŽ insulated flexible heaters can be directly bonded to high temperature surface to provide permanent bonding and superior heat transfer.

In many cases, Birk's KaptonŽ film heaters are designed to provide immediate integration into assemblies, which include sensors, heat sinks, fuses, probes and electronics. Many of these products are completely assembled and tested at Birk. They are then shipped directly for our customer's inventory allowing for a "turn-key" solution. These "turn-key" solutions reduce cost, assembly time and the size of our customer's vendor base allowing for easier inventory management and reduced labor costs.

Customized KaptonŽ film heaters can be designed in a variety of shapes and sizes with custom watt densities. Birk's heaters can incorporate multiple heating zones and embedded sensors which can be utilized to ensure very uniform heat distribution, down to +/- 0.1°C in some cases. Our highly technically trained engineers and design team members can design full custom KaptonŽ assemblies as per the customer requirements. Our KaptonŽ heaters can operate even in high vacuum environments.

Birk uses many types of KaptonŽ for its' KaptonŽ heating solutions with three bonding systems. An FEP TeflonŽ which is a thermo flow polymer or thermo flow acrylic and then an all polyimide. The FEP bonded KaptonŽ has a temperature capability of 260°C (500°F), the acrylic bonded KaptonŽ has a temperature capability of 120°C (250°F), and the all polyimide has a temperature capability of 260°C (500°F).
Rapid thermal recovery Water and chemical resistant Integrated thermal switches, sensors and cut-offs Thin and translucent material provides the ability to make smaller profiles for more complex two dimensional designs. Dimensional: 23" x 23" or 8" x 72" max Dielectric strength: 197 KV/MM Multi-zone/dual voltage designs available Custom watt density available Shaded watt density available for even heat distribution

Birk's KaptonŽ heating solutions can be found in the following industries:
Chemical Detection Medical Defense Aerospace Industrial Commercial Semiconductor Manufacturing

Birk specializes in "engineered solutions" not standard products you can get elsewhere. Our design team thrives on developing innovative solutions to complex problems. Our continuing implementation of Lean Processes allows us to deliver prototypes in days or weeks, where others quote months. Each thermal system is custom designed to meet the specific requirements of your project.
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