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    RAPT°R-Heaters - Birk MFG

    Birk Manufacturing is pleased to announce our new RAPT°R Heaters

    Birk Manufacturing Inc. has developed and is pleased to offer a new standard product line to provide thermal solutions for heating liquids and gases over a short distance. We are proud to present the RAPT°R. The Rigid and Pliable Tubing of Resistance heater line will be available to complete your thermal assemblies. These types of heaters are currently used in many applications including blood handling, gas monitoring. The Rigid Tube Heaters will be utilizing a Stainless Steel inner tube to maintain structure. The Pliable Tube Heaters will have a Teflon inner tube to provide flexibility. We are pleased to say that each line will use a Kapton® or Silicone heater with the option of a thermocouple or RTD. If you need a specific connector, RTD or thermocouple we are happy to provide any custom solutions that are needed.

    Click here to review our full Press Release (PDF)
    Click here to view our RAPT-R Heater Selection Sheet web page

    For More Information: (860) 739-4170

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