RAPT°R Heated Tubes

Birk's RAPT°R heated tube lines of pliable tube heaters and rigid tube heaters are vastly customizable delivery systems. The RAPT°R ensures any liquids or gases transported will remain at the same temperature or arrive at an elevated temperature despite thermal losses derived from flow, turbulence, conduction, convection or time. RAPT°R heated tubes can be utilized in multiple applications. Whether you are using a rigid tube heater or a pliable tube heater, the RAPT°R has proven successful in dynamic applications allotting for movement and in static applications requiring stability. Birk's RAPT°R pliable and rigid tube heaters also have full integration capabilities with connectors, RTDs and thermocouples for ease of installation. RAPT°R reduces the need to source multiple delivery system components by supplying one cohesive thermal delivery system to the customer.

Standard RAPT°R lines are available for immediate use. The standard RAPT°R has proven great in research, development and testing phases. However, once these phases are complete, customized solutions are recommended as most RAPT°R lines require retrofitting and custom resistances. Please refer to technical data below for standard RAPT°R products.

For Standard RAPT°R only Outer Diameter: 0.063" to 0.750" Tube length: 6" to 24" Heater: Kapton® or Silicone rubber Tubes: Teflon® or Stainless Steel

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heated tube heaters
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RAPT°R Heated Tubes Solutions

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