Standard Heaters

Standard Heater

Birk Manufacturing specializes in designing and manufacturing customized thermal solutions for flexible heating applications. However, we find it beneficial to offer our customers a standard heating solution for their flexible heater application needs. Quick prototyping, small quantity orders, no tooling and multiple resistance availabilities are just some of the benefits when selecting a standard Birk heater for your flexible heater applications.

Birk's standard heaters have proven great in research and development and testing phases. However, once these phases are complete, customized solutions are recommended to ensure overall assembly and application requirements are met. Custom solutions have full integration capabilities with connectors, RTDs and thermocouples for ease of installation. Custom heater solutions reduce the need to source multiple delivery system components by supplying one cohesive thermal delivery system to the customer. Custom solutions can be incorporated into higher level assemblies allowing for a turn-key solution for the customer. Our highly trained design and engineer team members are available to discuss your flexible heating application needs and to provide you with a customized thermal solution backed by Birk's warranty.

All standard heaters are available in Silicone or Kapton® Temperature limitation is 200°C (if heater has PSA, contact Birk for more information).

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