Thermal Solutions for Aerospace Industry

Developed over many years and through multiple partnerships with highly reputable aerospace companies, Birk holds a broad range of experience in providing unique heating capabilities to applications such as aircrafts, satellites, guided missile systems, space vehicles, propulsion units and others. Due to the extreme and harsh conditions of space, Birk offers an All Polyimide (AP) heater which allows for higher temperature ranges starting as low as -200°C (-328°F) and can climb up to 260°C (500°F). Birk's AP heaters provide greater watt density distributions and low outgassing. Similar to our FEP Kapton® heaters, AP heaters provide exceptional temperature uniformity and can be custom designed to fit most any geometry.

Birk's quality management system demonstrates Birk's ability to continually meet the AS9100 Rev. C International Standard. Consistent quality production and LEAN processes are encoded in the Birk DNA to meet customer applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. Birk quality processes are what provide the assurance of conformity for all national and international customers.

Warming LCD displays Maintaining clear optics in camera systems De-icing sensors, probes and wings Warming actuators and valves Stabilizing temperature in various sub-systems such as
- Fuel tanks/ pipes - Fluid delivery and control systems - Battery heaters

Birk specializes in "engineered solutions" not standard products you can get elsewhere. Our design team thrives on developing innovative solutions to complex problems. Our continuing implementation of Lean Processes allows us to deliver prototypes in days or weeks, where others quote months. Each thermal system is custom designed to meet the specific requirements of your project. Click Here for Customized Solutions

Thermal Solutions For Aerospace Industry

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