Thermal Systems for the Semiconductor Industry

The semiconductor industry is largely dependent on well-designed thermal systems and heating solutions for many of its processes and applications. Birk Manufacturing Inc., after studying such requirements closely, has developed heaters which can provide: Very low out-gassing Excellent heat transfer to the heat sink Very even heat distribution Integrated sensors and flex circuits

Leading manufacturers in the semiconductor industry put their faith in the innovative heaters supplied by Birk Manufacturing Inc. Our high performance heaters can be made of silicone rubber, Kapton® polyimide film or mica sheet. Kapton® heaters are usually bonded with acrylic or a high performance fluorocarbon film (FEP) to the required heat sinks using a Birk proprietary process.

Burn-in: Burn-in testing of the integrated circuits. Wafer Fabrication: Maintaining process heat at tightly defined thresholds in the manufacture of wafers for the semiconductor industry. Value Temperature Regulation: Maintaining consistent temperatures of key values assures consistent metering and avoids corrosive buildup

Every application and requirement in the semiconductor industry is unique in its own way. That is why, instead of providing our customers with ordinary designs, we at Birk specialize in custom designing and prototyping. Our team of designers can crack any manufacturing issue with innovative, customized solutions. We implement the highly trusted Lean Processes in order to deliver prototypes in just days or weeks. Our heaters are tested for quality and performance before delivery. Click here to Customize Solutions

Thermal Systems for Semiconductor Industry

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