Birk Manufacturing is the leader in supplying the following types of heaters:

Flexible Heaters

Flexible Heaters

Flexible heaters are often utilized by design engineers because the insulation materials in their system cannot withstand the temperatures of metal sheathed heaters.

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Kapton heating solutions

Kapton® Heating Solutions

Birk's Kapton® heaters provide even distribution of heat and exhibit exceptionally fast rates of thermal recovery. These Kapton® heaters are thin...

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Silicone Rubber Heating Systems

Silicone Rubber Heating Systems

Birk's silicone heaters are rugged, flexible, waterproof and chemical resistant. They can be combined with many components. Thermostats, fuses...

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Mica Heater

Mica Insulated Heating Elements and Systems

Birk's Mica heaters are designed for applications that require higher than normal watt densities and fast temperature recovery.

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Butyl Rubber Heating Solutions

Butyl Rubber Heating Solutions

Birk Manufacturing is the only heating manufacturer that produces and supplies Butyl heating solutions. Butyl heaters are rare and of the highest quality material.

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Standard Heater

Standard Heaters

Birk Manufacturing specializes in designing and manufacturing customized thermal solutions for flexible heating applications.

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