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    Thermal Systems for the Semiconductor Industry

    The semiconductor industry is dependent on well-designed thermal systems and heating solutions for many of its processes and applications. After studying its requirements closely, Birk Manufacturing, Inc. has developed heaters that can provide:

    • Very low out-gassing
    • Excellent heat transfer to the heat sink
    • Very even heat distribution
    • Integrated sensors and flex circuits

    Leading manufacturers in the semiconductor industry put their faith in the innovative heaters supplied by Birk Manufacturing. Our high-performance heaters can be made of silicone rubber, Kapton® polyimide film or mica sheet. Kapton® heaters are usually bonded with acrylic or a high-performance fluorocarbon film (FEP) to the required heat sinks using a Birk proprietary process.

    Burn-in: Burn-in testing of the integrated circuits.
    Wafer fabrication: Maintaining process heat for the manufacture of wafers at tightly defined thresholds.
    Value temperature regulation: Maintaining the temperatures of key values ensures consistent metering and avoids corrosive buildup
    Birk specializes in engineered solutions, not standard products you can get elsewhere. Our design team thrives on developing innovative solutions to complex problems. Our continuing implementation of Lean processes allows us to deliver prototypes in days or weeks, where others quote months. Each thermal system is custom-designed to meet the specific requirements of your project.

    For More Information: (860) 739-4170

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