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    Birk Manufacturing, Inc. is the only manufacturer specializing in butyl heating solutions. Butyl rubber heaters offered by Birk are designed to withstand hazardous environmental conditions. These heaters are suitable for use in environments that are not conductive and require highly flexible and durable heaters. The maximum size of our butyl heaters is 35ʺ (889mm) x 45ʺ (1143mm); however, we can customize the butyl rubber heaters based on client requirements. Our butyl heating solutions are waterproof and UV resistant, making them ideal for harsh environments as well as increasing their service and shelf life.

    We regularly design and manufacture butyl heaters for applications like chemical detection, food processing, semiconductor manufacturing, and integrated appliances. Our butyl heaters are generally designed for a standard thickness of 0.09ʺ (2mm), but they may vary depending on various integrated component options such as thermistors, heat sinks, thermostats, RTDs, thermocouples, fuses, and many more.

    The technical specifications and capabilities of Birk Manufacturing’s butyl heating solutions are listed below:

    • Butyl heaters are highly flexible and durable.
    • The operating temperature tolerance of these heaters is up to 121°C [250°F].
    • The maximum dimensions of these heaters are 35ʺ (889mm) x 45ʺ (1143mm).
    • These heaters offer optimum heat distribution due to shaded watt densities.

    Birk Manufacturing, Inc. caters to various industries by manufacturing and supplying custom butyl heating solutions. Here are a few of the industries we cater to.
    Commercial & Industrial
    Food Services
    Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
    Birk Manufacturing offers engineered solutions for custom butyl heaters. Our design specialists put their utmost effort into customizing these butyl rubber heaters to meet your application requirements. This includes customization of size, shape, watt density, and compatibility with thermal systems like RTDs, fuses, etc. Based on the application requirements, we can find an efficient solution for complex problems. We adopt lean processes to create rapid prototypes, enhancing the speed and efficiency of the overall design and manufacturing of such thermal solutions. All our butyl rubber heaters are customized for the thermal systems they are to be integrated with.
    We are highly recognized and well-reputed manufacturers of butyl rubber heating solutions. Our flexible butyl heaters are designed in compliance with the following quality standards:
    UL- & CSA-recognition available
    Butyl Heaters
    Butyl Heating Solutions

    For More Information: (860) 739-4170

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