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    Transportation Industry

    Thermal Systems for the Transportation Industry

    Birk supplies heaters to the leading names in the transportation industry. Our heating systems can operate the “parts” within the desired temperature specifications (even in fluctuating or hostile ambient temperature range). This ensures smooth operation of your entire system. Birk heaters are typically made of silicone rubber which gives them an additional ruggedness. Our thermal systems are optimized for each application. We provide complete assemblies, using a process that is managed entirely in-house, in order to give our customers plug-in capability of a complete part. We provide mechanical attachments to machined parts. We test our products in-house for complete verification of quality and compliance with the transportation industry standards.

    Birk heaters exhibit following features:

    • They can be Vulcanized to your part to resist harsh weather
    • All materials rated down to -40°C
    • Customized coatings available for greater weather resistance
    • Custom electrical and dielectrical testing available
    Heated Thresholds for Railroad & Transit Systems:
    - With our high performing, customized silicone heaters (that can be vulcanized to your parts), you can get impeccable heating systems for thresholds. These heaters provide immaculate resistance to harsh weather and demanding work conditions. The unique heater/threshold system design has the ability to be self-regulating while automatically eliminating ice buildup.
    Fuel Cell Heaters:
    - Birk creates custom heater designs in both polyimide film and silicone to meet the unique operating requirements of fuel cells. Our advanced designs are available in varying watt densities to evenly distribute heat while accommodating for heat loss.
    Vehicle and Vessel Lighting:
    - We develop heaters to fit to the unique requirements of vehicle and shipboard lighting systems.
    Birk Manufacturing Inc. has specialized in custom designing and prototyping. We understand the demanding nature of transportation industry and the importance of sticking to the deadlines. Our highly effective Lean Processes make it possible for us to deliver prototypes in weeks or even days. For any of your custom designing needs, you can put your faith in Birk.

    For More Information: (860) 739-4170

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