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Medical Industry

Medical Thermal Industry

Birk supplies custom heaters for medical devices. Our medical heating systems are designed to keep...

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Semiconductor Industry

semiconductor industry1listing

The semiconductor industry is largely dependent on well-designed thermal systems and heating solutions for many...

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Defense Industry

Birk is an ITAR regulated company, which supplies quality-driven flexible heaters for the defense industry.

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Aerospace Industry


Developed over many years and through multiple partnerships with highly reputable aerospace companies, Birk holds...

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Commercial and Industrial

Birk Manufacturing specializes in customized thermal solutions found in some of the hardest applications within...

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Transportation Industry

Transportation Industry listing

Birk supplies heaters to the leading names in the transportation industry. Our heating systems can...

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Security Industry

Security Industry

Birk Manufacturing designs, develops and has been recognized for the implementation of thermal systems that...

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Thermal Systems for Battery Heating

Battery Heaters

Birk battery heaters are used for keeping batteries at optimal operating temperatures in sub-zero climates.

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Value-Added Assemblies and Sub-Assemblies

Value-Added Assemblies and Sub-Assemblies

Birk supplies assemblies to leading manufacturers in various industries. Let Birk integrate your thermal solution...

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Telecommunications Industry

telicommunication listing

Birk Manufacturing supplies customized solutions for telecommunication applications in the commercial industry.

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HVAC Industry


Birk's engineered thermal solutions are required in many heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems...

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