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    We are pleased to announce that Birk Manufacturing has been honored with a Hartford Business Journal 2024 Family Business Award. This award recognizes the outstanding achievements of family-owned businesses. It highlights the integral role they play in the social and business fabric of our state. We are incredibly proud to be among the region's most successful family-run organizations. This recognition...

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    Batteries are integral components of most electronics we use in our day-to-day lives, as well as equipment and systems used throughout aerospace industries. Cold temperatures can affect batteries’ performance, reducing their efficiency, leading to shorter lifetimes. Hence, in frigid environments, it is imperative to keep battery packs warm. Several heating elements are available for this purpose, and silicone rubber heaters...

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    Temperature sensing and control is an integral part of many industrial processes and other sectors such as medical, scientific research, and so on. This may be part of process requirements; for instance, in scientific research as well as clinical labs, you need to preserve samples or parts of certain organisms at a certain temperature to be able to make the...

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    Flexible heaters are used in various commercial and industrial applications for effective temperature management. These heaters are made from various materials such as Kapton®, silicone rubber, butyl, and mica. Among these, silicone rubber and Kapton® (polyimide) heaters are quite popular; they are known for flexibility, thermal transfer, and rapid warm-up capabilities. The selection of either of these heaters may involve...

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    Cartridge heaters are tube-shaped industrial heating elements that are known for their localized, precise, and high heating capabilities. These heaters feature a resistance coil with a ceramic core that is surrounded by a dielectric and inserted in a metal sheath. They are then usually inserted into a drilled hole. When an electric current flows through the resistance coil, heat is...

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    Heating is a common industrial process performed to maintain a process temperature as required. This heating may be uniformly distributed or focused on a certain area as per the application requirements. To achieve accurate and fast heating, the heater should be as close to the area being heated as possible. Kapton® heaters are often used to accomplish a thin profile,...

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    For batteries to function optimally, they need to be in a temperature-controlled environment or be connected to a heating system, especially when the battery is in a cold environment. This is where battery heating elements are used. Battery heaters are devices that offer uniform or focused heating to a battery as necessary. They are flexible yet robust, compact, and, most...

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    Sensors are an integral part of several electronic and electromechanical devices, equipment and machinery across industries. Temperature and pressure monitoring is required in several manufacturing processes. Certain temperature and pressure ranges need to be maintained for the materials being used as well as the machine’s health. Sensors such as RTDs, thermocouples, thermistors, and so on are widely used across industries....

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    Mica heaters are a popular type of thin heater used for domestic and industrial heating. They have especially found great applications in commercial industrial heating operations. However, if high-quality mica isn’t used, then the heater may be prone to electrical leakage and temperature drops or rises. That is why it is essential to purchase custom mica heaters from trusted manufacturers....

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    Temperature indicates the heat content in a material or a body. While most of us do not notice subtle temperature changes, quite a few industrial processes cannot withstand them. The temperature needs to be measured and maintained for desired results. This is done using temperature sensors. There are numerous applications of temperature sensors in industries. Temperature measurement sensors are devices...

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