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    Value-Added Assemblies and Sub-Assemblies

    Thermal Systems for Value-Added Assemblies and Sub-Assemblies

    Thermal systems in several industries require high-end heater assembly solutions for optimum efficiency. Birk Manufacturing’s team of highly experienced engineers understands these requirements and uses an innovative approach to provide value-added heater assemblies and integrated temperature sensor assemblies for multiple industries. Our plug & play heater assemblies are effective in reducing the time and cost of production, while also consolidating our customers’ vendor bases.

    We provide flexible heater assemblies and sub-assembly solutions in all desired industries, offering:
    Vulcanization or lamination to machined parts
    Integrated sensors, switches and cut-offs
    Wiring harness
    Electrical and thermal testing
    Flex circuit/heater integration
    Customer-specified connectors or components
    Vendor management
    Assemblies and sub-assemblies of thermal systems differ greatly from application to application. That’s why we at Birk believe in providing customized designs and quick prototypes to meet our customers’ requirements. We will review your specific application and provide recommendations for heating and temperature sensor assemblies. Our out-of-the-box thinking, streamlined design process, and Lean processing make us capable of delivering prototypes in a few days or weeks.
    ITAR Regulated
    UL & CSA Recognition Available
    Heater Assemblies Solutions
    Heater Assemblies
    Value Added Assemblies and Sub-Assemblies
    Silicone Rubber Heaters
    Kapton® Polyimide Heater
    Kapton® Film Heaters
    Kapton® Flexible Heaters
    Kapton® Insulated Fflexible Heaters
    Kapton® Heaters
    Etched Silicon foil Flexible Heaters
    Kapton Bond Plate Assembly
    Kapton Heater Complex Design
    Kapton® Flexible Heaters
    Kapton® Insulated Fflexible Heaters
    Temp Sensor Assembly

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