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    circuit design

    Birk Manufacturing designs thousands of wire and etched-foil circuits each year to meet the specific needs of our customers. We can offer our customers the many features highlighted below.

    Holes and Cutouts:
    Many times, heaters need to fit around holes and cutouts. Either etched foil or wire circuits can be used to provide heating of only the desired surface area.

    Multi-layer Circuits:
    Often, we need to maximize surface area to spread the watt density. Multi-layer circuits can be used to fit a high resistance in a small area by putting two circuits in a series. A multi-layer circuit also allows us to put a sensor flex circuit on top of the heater circuit to maximize the heated area.

    Sensors and fuses:
    To control heat and temperature limits properly, thermostats, RTDs, thermocouples, thermistors, solid state sensors and fuses are strategically placed within a circuit to achieve the best operating thermal system.

    Various Terminations:
    Birk can offer many different terminations, such as soldered connections, welded connections, connectors, pins and zero-insertion-force connections.

    Shaded Watt Density:
    Different heat intensities in the same circuit can provide even heat across an entire area, and can compensate for cool heat-sink edges.

    Dual Voltage Circuits:
    A single heater can be designed to operate on more than one voltage through the inclusion of dual circuits with three leads.

    Resistance Taps:
    Since the heater circuit is a resistor, taps can be taken anywhere along that circuit to provide a given voltage to an LED or other component that requires other than line voltage.

    Flex Circuits for Sensors:
    Sensors are generally located within a heated area. Non-heated flex circuits can be built into the circuit design to carry sensor signals to instruments.

    For More Information: (860) 739-4170

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