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    Birk Manufacturing produces flexible heating elements which are thin, reliable, and easily conformable to any shape. Owing to their flexible properties, these heaters can be used to heat applications with complex geometries and applications that require heaters with lightweight construction, low thermal mass, and minimal thickness. We can provide etched foil flexible heaters as well as wire-wound flexible heating elements. Of these, the etched foil flexible heating elements can be made extremely thin, which makes them suited for tight spaces. Their thinness and flexibility allow them to be wrapped around complex shapes and fit into tight corners. Wire-wound heaters can be easily placed in long patterns for applications that require large heaters.

    Today, we are considered one of the leading flexible heater manufacturers in the US. Our in-depth understanding of industrial thermal requirements, combined with the best practices of engineering and adherence to quality, enables us to produce performance-driven commercial grade flexible heating elements. Our high temperature heating element can be customized with various specifications in terms of custom shapes, thicknesses, build-ups, multiple circuits, and shaded watt densities.

    Our flexible heaters are made using materials such as silicone rubber, Kapton®, mica, and butyl. These materials are proven to contribute to the thermal efficiencies of flexible heating elements. In addition to this, these materials make them lightweight and ideal for a wide range of temperatures from 392°F/200°C to 1112°F/600°C. You can choose specific materials depending on your application requirements, such as resistance to UV radiation, chemicals, moisture, and so on. We have developed proprietary vulcanization processes, which help ensure superior bonding between the heater and the application surfaces.

    Birk Manufacturing can integrate temperature control devices such as controllers, sensors, SMT components, and others to offer you a turnkey solution. These integrations will allow you to save time, effort, and money and focus entirely on the results.

    Silicone Rubber Heaters: Silicone rubber heaters are chemical-resistant, flexible, and rugged. They assure the best dimensional stability. These flexible heaters are suited for temperatures up to 200°C (400°F). Read more about silicone rubber heaters.
    Kapton® Heaters: Birk’s Kapton® heaters can be designed as ultra-thin flexible heaters. They assure uniform heat distribution and fast heat-up and cool-down times. Our polyimide insulated heaters are suited for complex and compact applications and possess a temperature capability of 260°C (500°F). Read more about Kapton heaters.
    Mica Heaters: Birk Manufacturing’s mica heaters are designed for applications that demand fast temperature recovery and higher than normal watt densities. Our mica heating elements possess a high watt density of over 150 W/in² and a maximum temperature capability of 600°C. Read more about mica heaters.
    Butyl Heaters: Birk Manufacturing produces butyl flexible heaters for use in hazardous locations. They are extremely flexible, yet durable, and can withstand temperatures up to 121°C (250°F). Read more about butyl heaters.
    Uniform heat distribution, thin profiles, and low thermal mass make these heaters an ideal choice for applications across industries. We understand working conditions may not always be favorable in many industries, and standard flexible heating elements often fail to perform in such environments. To combat this, Birk Manufacturing’s custom flexible heating elements are designed to assure excellent performance under different challenging conditions in the following industries:
    Industrial & Commercial
    Birk offers the best in the engineering and design of custom flexible heating elements. Our design and engineering team develops innovative solutions to complex problems. Our engineering capabilities are suited to meeting complex and challenging application requirements and quick deadlines. We have invested in lean manufacturing processes, which allow us to guarantee quality, as well as deliver complex prototypes in a few days or weeks.
    Each thermal system is designed to meet your specific application requirements. We have designed thousands of flexible heaters over the years, exposing us to various and challenging application requirements. Our engineers focus on both the client and the application requirements and will carefully listen and offer you appropriate solutions.
    Quality is deeply embedded in all our processes, right from design to engineering and delivery. All our flexible heating elements are rigorously inspected throughout the manufacturing process. Each flexible heating element is inspected before leaving our facility. The following certifications show our commitment to quality:
    UL- & CSA-recognition available
    Flexible Heaters
    Etched Foil Flexible Heating Elements

    For More Information: (860) 739-4170

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