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    Birk Manufacturing has increased its product offering by introducing a new line of thin-film high temperature flexible heaters. These high-performance heating elements are capable of operating at temperatures up to 300°C. Their lightweight, low mass design allows for very fast heat-up times.

    Birk’s HT heaters utilize a unique “all-polyimide” design which, after processing, forms a one-piece laminate instead of relying on a dielectric/adhesive composite. This high temperature heating element offers a noted improvement over traditional polyimide heaters, which are only capable of temperatures up to 260°C. These HT heaters are an ideal solution for demanding applications where other high temperature heater systems would fail.

    Like all of Birk’s heating products, our ultra high temperature heating elements can be fully customized to incorporate cutouts, stiffeners, and multiple layers. We can also integrate and recommend temperature sensors and thermal switches for direct heater control.

    High temperature heaters or cartridge heating elements have a higher thermal expansion rate than most traditional polyimide heaters, creating a need for a superior bond to then receive the superior heat transfer. Our state-of-the-art bonding process allows us to create the custom solution and then directly bond it to either an engineered part or customer-supplied material.

    Very high temperature capabilities (300°C)
    Multi-layer circuits
    Low mass and light weight
    Accelerated ramp-up times
    UL 94V-0 and 746F rated
    RoHS compliant
    Available in lengths up to 23” x 23”
    Semiconductor wafer processing gas delivery systems, burn in testing, pressure control, vacuum control, metrology
    Medical diagnostics such as PCR, MRI and DNA sequencing
    Fluidic management for blood sample testing
    Airport security and bomb detection
    Ion mobility spectrometry
    Cooling plant and oil sampling
    Birk Manufacturing specializes in designing, engineering and manufacturing ultra high temperature heating elements that allows customers to achieve their application’s requirements. High temperature heater systems can be designed to fit different geometries, incorporate cut outs and integrate control. As always, Birk’s engineering team is always available to work directly with other engineers to ensure the highest quality thermal solution.
    High Temperature Heater Systems
    Ultra High Temperature Heating Elements

    For More Information: (860) 739-4170

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