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    Birk Manufacturing, Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide variety of thermocouple temperature sensors and probes. Thermocouples are temperature-sensing devices that consist of two dissimilar metal wires that are joined together to form a thermoelectric junction. At Birk Manufacturing, Inc. we can provide thermocouple assemblies created using various pairs of thermocouple wire types. Generally, our thermocouple wire pairs feature platinum/rhodium-alloy and tungsten/rhenium-alloy.

    Thermocouples operate according to the Seebeck effect. This means that our thermocouples produce a voltage that’s directly proportional to the thermal difference between the hot and cold junctions of the thermocouple. Birk Manufacturing designs and manufactures supreme quality thermocouples of various types, such as type K thermocouple probes and type J thermocouple probes. Smartly designed thermocouples by Birk Manufacturing, Inc. operate efficiently and are self-powered.

    One of the most important aspects of our thermocouples is that we manufacture robust and cost-efficient type K and J thermocouple sensors. Our thermocouple assemblies are suitable for use in the harshest industrial environments and possess the quickest (less than one second) response time.

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    Owing to the following technical specifications and features, Birk Manufacturing’s type K and J thermocouple sensors are widely used throughout industrial applications.

    • Our type J and type K thermocouple probes are available in multiple lead wire gauges.
    • They are available in two types of insulations, namely, Teflon and fiberglass. The temperature tolerance of Teflon insulated type J thermocouple sensors and type K thermocouple sensors are up to 200°C whereas the temperature tolerance of fiberglass insulated thermocouples is up to 300°C.
    • Our thermocouples are available in four lead wire lengths, i.e., 12ʺ, 24ʺ, 18ʺ and 36ʺ, but they can be customized per the customer’s request.

    The application compatibility of our type K and type J thermocouple sensors differ due to differences in the material and constructional parameters. The technical compatibilities of our type K and type J thermocouple probes are as follows.

    Application Compatibility of Type J Thermocouple sensors or probes:

    • This type of thermocouple is ideal for use in an oxidizing atmosphere.
    • This type of thermocouple can be used in exposure to air or vacuum.
    • Since these thermocouple sensors consist of iron conductors, they offer limited compatibility in operations exposed to subzero temperatures, as they may suffer from rusting.

    Application Compatibility of Type K Thermocouple sensors or probes:

    • This type of thermocouple is suitable for an oxidizing environment. It offers highly efficient performance in a clean atmosphere.
    • The application of these thermocouples in a partially oxidizing environment exposed to a vacuum or low temperature is not recommended.
    • These thermocouple assemblies offer corrosion resistance.

    Birk Manufacturing, Inc. caters to several industries by manufacturing customized thermocouple temperature sensors.

    All our products are designed and developed according to guidelines of the following industrial quality standards.

    Type J and K Thermocouple Probes
    Type J and K Thermocouple Sensor Assembly

    For More Information: (860) 739-4170

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