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    Silicone rubber heaters by Birk Manufacturing, Inc., feature rugged construction and are immensely flexible. These silicone heaters are chemical-resistant, which enhances their scope of application in various industrial environments where they may come in contact with chemicals. Our flexible silicone heating elements can be paired with different industrial components like fuses, thermostats, RTDs, thermocouples, heat sinks, wiring harnesses, and other industrial hardware. Being one of the leading silicone rubber heater manufacturers, we understand that standard solutions may not work for all applications. This is why we provide custom flexible silicone heating elements based on the customer’s requirements.

    We provide wire-wound and etched foil flexible silicone heaters. The wire wound silicone rubber heaters use resistance wire, which is laminated to the silicone rubber to ensure physical strength and uniform heat distribution. The etched foil silicone flexible heaters feature chemically etched circuits that are laminated between thin silicone sheets to ensure quick heat transfer. Silicone rubber flexible heaters produce high output voltage, ensure even heat distribution, and offer better temperature control when integrated with temperature control devices.

    Our silicone heating elements are designed to achieve the customer’s desired benefits and performance parameters. Silicone heaters can be designed as thin as 0.020 inches [0.5mm], can withstand 750 volts, and possess a watt density of 30 watts per square inch. This makes our heaters capable of rapid thermal recovery and optimum thermal distribution. These heaters can sustain a temperature range of -40° C to 200° C. This makes these heaters ideal for cryogenic and high-temperature applications. We can also design these heaters to be integrated with thermal switches, cut-offs, and sensors.

    Birk Manufacturing, Inc., is committed to the delivery of high-quality and reliable silicone flexible heaters. We have developed a proprietary process for the vulcanization of silicone flexible heaters, which makes these heaters highly efficient in heat transfer. This process enhances the bonding force between the silicone rubber heating elements and the substrate. This helps in the prevention of issues such as delamination in our silicone flexible heaters. Owing to the advanced technologies developed by our experts and our dedication to quality, Birk Manufacturing, Inc., has become the first choice for sourcing custom flexible silicone heaters.

    The technical specifications and capabilities of custom-designed silicone rubber heaters from Birk Manufacturing, Inc., are listed below:

    • Excellent formability around curved surfaces
    • Excellent dimensional customizability, starting from 35 inches × unlimited length
    • Good dielectric strength of 29.5 kV/mm
    • Design flexibility for multiple heating zones and dual-voltage designs
    • Rapid thermal recovery
    • Optimum heat distribution
    • Versatile watt densities

    Features like thin yet robust construction, enhanced flexibility, vulcanized bonding, optimum heat distribution, etc. make our silicone rubber heaters ideal for several industrial applications. Here are a few industries Birk Manufacturing, Inc., caters to by supplying high-quality silicone heaters:
    Chemical Detection
    Appliances Manufacturing
    Industrial & Commercial
    Customized silicone flexible heaters are in high demand. We can provide etched foil and wire-wound flexible silicone rubber heaters in custom configurations to meet their application requirements. Our design and engineering teams work together with the client to provide innovative solutions to their challenges. We work with you through all phases of design and engineering to assure quality and precision. Our lean manufacturing practices enable us to guarantee the fastest turnaround times in the industry.
    In order to ensure the best possible quality of our products, we at Birk Manufacturing, Inc., have developed our process to comply with the following quality certifications:
    UL- & CSA-recognition available
    Silicone Rubber Heaters
    Flexible Silicone Heaters
    Wire-round Silicone Heaters
    Custom Flexible Silicone Heaters
    Etched-foil Silicone Rubber Heaters
    Silicone Rubber Heating Systems

    For More Information: (860) 739-4170

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