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    Kapton® is a thin polyimide film developed by DuPont. Birk has developed etched foil heaters using this polyimide material as the insulating layer for use in a number of applications. Kapton® polyimide heaters have an extremely thin profile and many other properties suitable for heating solutions. These heaters find applications in diverse industries for uniform and focused heating. They offer various benefits such as rapid heat up and cool down times. Due to their thin profile, they are ideal for heating small compact objects with simple or complex shapes, and are designed to work in harsh industrial environments. Our Kapton® polyimide heaters can operate even in high-vacuum environments.

    Heating requirements depend on the application, making customization essential to achieve optimal performance. This is where Birk specializes—we can customize our Kapton® polyimide flexible heaters in various shapes and sizes as well as watt densities to suit the exact application requirements. Birk’s heaters can incorporate multiple heating zones and embedded sensors, which can be utilized to ensure extremely uniform heat distribution, in some cases down to +/- 0.1°C. These Kapton® polyimide heating elements can be immediately integrated into assemblies or systems in industries. Depending on your application needs, Birk can permanently bond these heaters to heat sinks in order to produce superior heat transfer. Birk Manufacturing is one of the leading Kapton® polyimide heater manufacturers in the world, and it offers turnkey heating solutions which help cut down costs and time. Our thin polyimide flexible heaters undergo thorough testing and inspection before being shipped out of our facility.

    Birk is committed to offering the best products and services to all clients. We have a technically sound and resourceful team of engineers who can design fully custom Kapton® polyimide heater assemblies as per customer requirements. We invest significantly in research and innovation as well as our product quality, and our certifications are a testimony to this effort.

    The following are technical specifications and capabilities for our custom Kapton® polyimide heaters:

    • Birk uses many different types of Kapton® materials for these heaters along with three bonding systems, which include FEP Teflon® adhesive, acrylic adhesive, and all-polyimide solutions.
    • The FEP-bonded Kapton® has a temperature capability of 260°C (500°F), the acrylic-bonded Kapton® has a temperature capability of 120°C (250°F), and the all-polyimide has a temperature capability of 260°C (500°F).
    • Our Kapton® polyimide heaters can adhere to any uneven surface due to their flexibility.
    • All of our Kapton® materials are resistant to chemicals, water, and environmental conditions.
    • Our heaters can have integrated thermal switches, sensors and cut-offs.
    • The maximum heater dimensions we offer are 23" x 23" or 8" x 72".
    • Our Kapton® polyimide heater elements have a dielectric strength of 197 KV/MM.
    • We offer multi-zone/dual voltage designs in our Kapton® polyimide heaters.
    • Our heaters have shaded watt densities available for even heat distribution.

    Our custom Kapton® polyimide heaters offer uniform heat distribution to objects or devices of various shapes and sizes. Our flexible yet robust heaters have good tensile strength and offer great dimensional stability as well. Birk's Kapton® polyimide heating solutions find applications in diverse industries such as:
    Chemical Detection
    Commercial & Industrial
    Semiconductor Manufacturing
    At Birk, we believe every requirement is different and customization is key to offering the best thermal solutions. We have clients from various industries to whom we offer specially engineered Kapton® polyimide heating solutions. This level of customization has been possible because of our innovative teams and our focus on research and innovation. Our continuous implementation of lean processes allows us to deliver prototypes in days or weeks, where others quote months.
    As a Kapton® polyimide heating element manufacturer, we are focused on offering you the best quality heaters. The quality of our Kapton® polyimide heaters is of paramount importance to us, and we have adopted LEAN manufacturing practices to enable us to achieve this level of quality. We always strive to adopt the best practices. All of our flexible heating elements are rigorously inspected at each stage throughout the manufacturing process. Each flexible heating element is inspected before leaving our facility. The following certifications show our commitment to quality:
    UL- & CSA-recognition
    Kapton® Heaters
    Kapton® Flexible Heaters
    Kapton® film heaters
    Kapton® polyimide heater
    Kapton® heating solutions
    Custom Kapton® assemblies
    Custom Kapton® heaters
    Birk’s Kapton® heaters

    For More Information: (860) 739-4170

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