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    Surface Mount Sensors : Kapton®& Silicone

    Birk Manufacturing, Inc is a reputed manufacturer and supplier of surface mount temperature sensors. We specialize in the design and manufacturing of high-quality surface mount thermocouples and RTDs. They are widely used in industrial applications that require constant temperature measurement at sensitive locations.

    Birk Manufacturing’s surface mount RTDs and thermocouples are encapsulated with either Kapton® or Silicone. Kapton® sensors are suitable whenever a lightweight, long-term, and cost-effective solution for thermal management is required. Whereas silicone encapsulation is suitable wherever a waterproof, chemical-resistant, and dynamic solution is needed. One of the most important aspects of Birk Manufacturing’s surface mount thermocouples and RTDs is that these sensors are custom-designed to cater to specific thermal monitoring requirements.

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    Birk Manufacturing’s surface mount temperature sensors are highly demanded in industry, owing to the benefits they offer. The following specifications will further your knowledge of Birk’s sensor capabilities:

    • Birk Manufacturing, Inc manufactures surface mount temperature sensors in compliance with EN60751 Class B standards. Under this standard, the tolerance of 0.12% i.e., ± 30° C, is achieved for standard surface mount RTDs. Note: However, based on customer demand, we can provide products in compliance with other classes of EN 60751.
    • Our surface mount temperature sensors are developed for high-temperature tolerance. The Kapton® sensors offer a temperature tolerance of 260°C and the silicone sensors offer 200°C of temperature tolerance.
    • We also offer various surface mount sensors with backings such as PSA, foil-backing, and foil-backing with PSA. These backings add firmness to the construction of surface mount temperature sensors.
    • Our RTDs are designed for reading with a stability of <0.04% at maximum temperature. This reduces the fluctuations in consecutive readings.

    Our surface mounted thermocouples and RTDs can be easily customized to meet your application requirements.

    Applications of Surface Mount Temperature Sensors

    Although the scope of applications for our surface mount RTDs and thermocouple sensors is vast, here are a few applications to which we regularly cater:

    • Boiler Units
    • Hot Fluid Transmission Pipes
    • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems
    • High-Temperature Medical Equipment
    • Forging Units

    Birk Manufacturing, Inc caters to the following industries by manufacturing and supplying surface mount RTDs and thermocouples to them.

    Birk Manufacturing, Inc focuses on the quality of our temperatures sensors. Thus, we design and manufacture the products in compliance with the following quality certifications:

    If you are looking for customized surface mount sensors, Birk Manufacturing, Inc is your right partner. In case of any queries, please feel free to contact us today.

    Surface Mount Sensors
    Kapton® surface-mount temperature sensors

    For More Information:
    (860) 739-4170

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