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Surface Mount Sensors : Kapton®& Silicone

Birk Manufacturing’s surface-mount temperature sensors are produced using only the highest-quality RTDs and thermocouples available. The surface-mount RTD temperature sensor or thermocouple temperature sensor can be encapsulated with either Kapton® or Silicone for the superior protection of your sensor.

Kapton encapsulation provides additional benefits by eliminating the fiber content found in traditional silicone. These Kapton® surface-mount temperature sensors provide water resistance and chemical protection. They are clean, durable and a cost-effective solution for your application needs. Silicone, however, while still cost-effective, has the advantage of being waterproof and more chemical-resistant then Kapton®. Silicone is more elastic and provides a low-stress bond between the sensor and the surface.

Product Customization

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EN60751 Class B with a tolerance of 0.12% (+/- 0.3°C at 0°C) for all standard RTDs
Additional classes available upon request
Two, three or four wire configurations available
Standard lead wire lengths: 12", 18", and 36"
Custom lead lengths available upon request
Maximum temperature: 260°C (Kapton®-encapsulated), 200°C (Silicone-encapsulated)
RTD long-term stability: <0.04% at 1000h at max. temperature
RTD characteristics curve: 3850 ppm/K
Backing options: PSA, foil-backing or foil-backing with PSA
Additional backing options available upon request
Surface Mount Sensors
Kapton® surface-mount temperature sensors

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