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 Birk’s DFM program

Birk Manufacturing’s Design for Manufacture (DFM) program allows customers to achieve optimal design and manufacturability throughout a products’ lifecycle. This program is a testament to collective achievements in Lean processing, innovative designs and quality management programs. Birk’s DFM program is best for customers who are seeking a long-term thermal partnership and require product performance, as well as manufacturing and vendor management efficiency. Birk’s DFM program allows engineers to design heating solutions that account for specialized labor resources, manufacturing equipment and external product processes and incorporate the highest in-process quality standards at the design level. This initial customer-and-engineer exchange is crucial for the entire DFM.

Once a design has been approved, Birk’s dedicated R&D team will develop application-specific prototypes, perform testing, capture data and develop work instructions. These work instructions are then translated through detailed training sessions with production leaders and assemblers. From this point, inspection and quality are tailored to the product’s functionality and application requirements. The details don’t stop there. DFM projects are cared for in every detail, even shipping and handling. All these details bring tremendous benefits to our customers.

DMF Program Benefits:

Design for Manufacturing’s benefits are quantifiable and have proven to be a huge success for many of Birk’s customers. DFM represents a thermal partnership that we always look forward to making.

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