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    Birk features high-temperature RTD elements or thermocouples that have been assembled in stainless steel casings to offer additional protection in rigorous applications and elevated temperatures. These temperature sensing probes or RTD probes are perfect for installations within channels, thermowells, organic liquids, salt solutions, acids and bases.

    RTD high temperature probes using Teflon® lead wiring provide the ability to retrofit smaller profiles and are extremely resistant to chemical seepage. Thermocouple temperature probes are assembled using fiberglass lead wires and provide higher temperature ranges and greater flexibility.

    Customizable thermocouple and RTD probe lengths, lead wires and connections are all available to fit your application needs.

    Product Customization

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    Probe lengths: 1”, 6”, 9”, 12”
    Probe Diameter: 0.25” and 0.1875”
    Operating temperature range:
    - RTD probe: -200°C (328°F) to 260°C (500°F)
    - Thermocouple probe: -200°C (328°F) to 480°C (896°F)
    Lead gauge: 24awg available for thermocouple probes
    Additional lead materials available to increase temperature range
    Standard connector (Type K or J) available for thermocouple probes
    Scientific Research and Development
    Temperature and RTD Probes
    RTD probe
    Thermocouple probe

    For More Information: (860) 739-4170

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