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    Birk’s customization capabilities

    Birk’s customization capabilities are vast due to the development of many proprietary processes providing its customers the flexibility for solutions no matter the stage in their application life cycle. Birk is able to customize heaters that are fully integrated with temperature sensors, fuses, and connectors that are then bonded or vulcanized to machined parts. Customer supplied materials can be fully updated with the highest quality thermal solutions.

    While Birk’s thermal solutions are designed and produced to meet the highest quality specifications there are additional testing capabilities available when deemed necessary due to the application. Water or ice bath immersing testing to verify capabilities in harsh and extreme conditions are present. Along with immersing testing, Birk offers Hi-Pot testing to verify insulation integrity, humidity/ temperature chamber testing to mimic environmental conditions and sensor calibration verification testing.

    Birk’s customization capabilities allows customers to lean on Birk’s engineering team for the thermal solutions that they hope for in a thermal partnership.

    For More Information: (860) 739-4170

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