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    Medical Industry

    Thermal Systems for the Medical Industry

    Birk supplies custom heaters for medical devices. Our medical heating systems are designed to keep samples and devices within precise temperature specifications to help ensure system accuracy. Branches of the medical industry such as DNA research, patient care, biomedical research, pharmaceutical experiments, life sciences, etc. all rely extensively on our flexible heating systems.

    Birk medical heaters are typically made from Kapton® polyimide film, and are optimized for each application. We provide complete turn-key assemblies, using processes that are managed entirely in-house, in order to give our customers plug-in capabilities for a more complete system while also reducing the number of vendors the customer needs to manage. We provide mechanical attachments to machined parts and Gold/Nickel plating is available to resist corrosion or oxidation.

    Birk’s engineers work as a solution-base driven team that comprises of highly dedicated professionals available to provide you with expert support and meet your application requirements. Our rich experience in the field of medical applications allows us to offer quick prototyping and fully customized flexible heaters for medical devices. In-house testing is available to verify compliance with medical industry standards.Birk heaters are designed to:

    • Replicate body (or higher) temperature for body fluid testing
    • Merge heat and sensors into surgical tools
    • Fit small surface areas with heat contact
    • Maintain tightly-controlled temperature ranges for samples and devices
    Blood Analyzers:
    Birk specializes in manufacturing heaters for reagent testing, seamlessly integrating Teflon®, metal tubing and machined parts. Choose from a wide array of temperature sensors, both standard and custom, precisely calibrated to align with your control systems.
    Hemostasis Management:
    Birk leads in developing heaters and sensors tailored to small surface areas with close contact around multiple points, essential for maintaining optimal conditions in devices used for blood clotting and coagulation studies. Rely on our commitment to provide precision and reliability for advancing diagnostic capabilities.
    Small Catheter and Insertion Heater Assemblies:
    Birk has heater design capability to less than 0.040" in diameter and sensor capability down to 44ga wire. Heaters can be housed in polyimide-film tubing, and are made of polyimide film or silicone. Low out-gassing heaters up to 72 inches in length are available.
    Surgical Tool Assembly:
    Our unique heaters with flex heater/flex circuit integration provide power and signal transmission through a single connection. Engineered for seamless integration with surgical tools, our heaters offer mechanical adhesion and reliability. Explore our range of heated probes for specific medical diagnostic needs.
    Count on Birk for reliable heat crucial for maintaining precise temperature conditions in incubators. Our heaters support the ideal environment for biological cultures within medical diagnostic equipment, ensuring top-notch incubation solutions.
    Precision for Body Fluid Testing and Handling:
    Replicate body (or higher) temperatures for accurate body fluid testing, ensuring the reliability of medical diagnostic processes.
    Integration with Surgical Tools:
    Seamlessly merge heat and sensors into surgical tools, providing enhanced functionality and precision during medical procedures.
    Compact Design for Small Surface Areas:
    Perfectly sized for small surface areas with direct heat contact, optimizing the efficiency of heating in confined spaces. High resistance with compact design as low as .0025” thick.
    Lightweight with Fast Thermal Cycling:
    Swift and precise temperature control expedites critical medical processes and enhances overall efficiency in advanced diagnostics, such as PCR and DNA sequencing.
    Quality Assurance through Certifications:
    All products meet the highest industry standards, including ISO 13485, ISO 9001and AS9100 and can be compliant with UL & CSA regulations. This commitment ensures the reliability and consistency vital for critical medical applications.
    Custom Complex Geometries:
    Create custom complex geometries, while providing total uniform coverage of intricate surface areas. This allows our heaters to adapt to the unique shapes and configurations of your medical devices, ensuring maximum efficiency and performance.
    Birk specializes in engineered solutions, not standard products you can get elsewhere. Our design team thrives on developing innovative solutions to complex problems. Our continuing implementation of Lean processes allows us to deliver prototypes in days or weeks, where others quote months. Each thermal system is custom-designed to meet the specific requirements of your project.

    For More Information: (860) 739-4170

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