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Thermal Systems for the Defense Industry

Thermal Systems for the Defense Industry

Birk is an ITAR regulated company that supplies quality-driven flexible heaters for the defense industry. These heating systems keep components within operating temperature specifications when the ambient temperature is below those ranges. Birk uses several technologies, including Kapton® polyimide and silicone rubber heaters, to deliver consistent performance in the most critical applications.

Birk provides complete value-add heating and sensor assemblies in order to give our customers plug-and-play capabilities. We provide mechanical attachment to machined parts and offer gold/nickel plating to improve corrosion or oxidation resistance.

Birk’s flexible heaters are designed to provide:

  • Heat at operating temperatures to -40°C
  • Very low out-gassing
  • Very even heat distribution
  • Integrated sensors and flex circuits
Ruggedized Laptops & Memory Storage
- Birk makes custom polyimide-film flexible heaters to fit display, memory and processing components. We use standard sensors and custom thin-film sensors to fit the unique parameters of control systems.
Acquisition Systems
- Birk develops innovative polyimide-film heaters to fit small surface areas with close heater contact around multiple openings. Sensors are specified to customers' end needs.
Heated Air Handlers
- Birk creates innovative polyimide thermofoil flexible heaters to fit filters and air handlers. Polyimide film and silicone heaters are both available for these designs. Low-out-gassing heaters of up to 68 inches in length are available.
Vehicle and Vessel Lighting
- We develop heaters to fit to the unique requirements of military vehicle lighting systems.
Birk specializes in engineered solutions, not standard products you can get elsewhere. Our design team thrives on developing innovative solutions to complex problems. Our continuing implementation of Lean processes allows us to deliver prototypes in days or weeks, where others quote months. Each thermal system is custom-designed to meet the specific requirements of your project.
ITAR Regulated
UL & CSA Recognition Available
Kapton® polyimide-heater
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Kapton® heaters
Kapton® Heaters Complex Design
Birk’s Kapton® Film Heaters
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For More Information: (860) 739-4170    sales@birkmfg.com