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    During this time of crisis, Birk Manufacturing is hard at work supporting its medical customers by ramping up production of blood analysis heaters. These play a critical role in giving medical professionals accurate and consistent test results from blood samples taken from patients in critical care. Birk makes custom polyimide-film heaters for reagent testing. The heaters are designed and engineered to fit Teflon® and metal tubing and machined parts and have custom temperature sensors to ensure precision and tight tolerances.

    While the COVID-19 virus doesn’t typically require surgical intervention, patients with existing conditions are still in need of accurate heated surgical tools. Birk continues to manufacture unique heater systems with flex heater/flex circuit integration, providing power and signals to the same connection. These are excellent for providing mechanical adhesion to in-house surgical tools. The same patients are in need of hemostasis management. Birk’s unwavering support of the medical community allows us to continue engineering heating solutions with specialized polyimide film heaters to fit small surface areas with close heat contact around multiple openings. The equipment allows surgeons to control blood flow and maintain patient stability.

    As the global community continues to work together to stay home and stay safe, families all over the world are expecting to welcome a child soon. In some situations, babies are brought into the world prematurely and require additional help during the first few days or even weeks of life. Birk’s love for family and community remains strong as we develop solutions for our medical customers who require heating systems for incubators. We understand that maintaining strict temperature control is a crucial requirement for incubation stability.

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