Bolt-On Temperature Sensors

Bolt-On temperature sensors are designed by Birk for easy installation are ideal for process control testing and for verifying existing systems. They can be retro fitted to existing machinery and are available with a RTD or thermocouple sensor. Each sensor capability can be applied within either a brass lug or a nickel platted copper ring terminal depending on your application needs. Standard sizes provide quick prototyping; however, customized solutions are available upon request. As an industry leader in RTD ring terminal manufacturing, Birk provides custom bolt-on-RTD and custom bolt-on- thermocouple temperature sensors assemblies that meet even the most stringent application criteria's.

Nickel Plated Copper Ring Terminal sizes #6 and #10 available Standard Copper Brass Lug size: 0 .5" x 1" x 0 .1875" EN60751 Class B with tolerance of 0.12% (+/- 0.3°C at 0°C) for all standard RTDs Additional RTD classes available upon request 2, 3 or 4 wire configurations available RTD long-term stability: <0.04% at 1000h at max. temperature Type J & K options for Standard Bolt-On Thermocouple Sensors Additional thermocouple types available upon request Standard lead wires lengths both RTD and thermocouple are 12", 18", and 36" Customized lead lengths available upon request Operating temperature range for both RTD and thermocouple:
- With Platinum Leads: -200°C to + 600°C - With Silver Leads: -200°C to + 400°C

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Surface Mount Sensors : KaptonŽ& Silicone

Bolt-On Temperature Sensors

Birk Quality and Accuracy

Birk Sensors provide a cutting edge ability to more accurately measure the output of your application and convert the information to be used for observation. Each RTD from Birk's Sensor line meets the EN60751 Class B Industry tolerance.

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