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    Learn About 1/8″ Swaged Cartridge Heaters from Birk Manufacturing

    Cartridge heaters are tube-shaped industrial heating elements that are known for their localized, precise, and high heating capabilities. These heaters feature a resistance coil with a ceramic core that is surrounded by a dielectric and inserted in a metal sheath. They are then usually inserted into a drilled hole. When an electric current flows through the resistance coil, heat is generated and efficiently conducted through the sheath to the part in which the cartridge heater has been installed. Owing to their ability to achieve high temperatures, these heaters find many applications across industries. There are several cartridge heaters that stand out from standard ones, and Birk Manufacturing’s 1/8″ swaged cartridge heaters are among them. These heaters outperform other heaters in industrial applications with their unique features. How do these cartridge heaters differ from others? What are their industrial applications? Read on to find out.

    Birkmfg Swaged cartridge heater

    Features of 1/8″ Cartridge Heaters by Birk Manufacturing

    The following features of the compact 1/8″ diameter cartridge heaters by Birk Manufacturing make them stand out in comparison to competitors’ products.


    • These cartridge heaters utilize high-temperature lead wires that can withstand temperatures up to 600°C.
    • The heaters are offered in three cartridge lengths: 2″, 1.25″, and 1″, allowing you to choose the one that is appropriate for your application.
    • They can be operated at high, low, and medium watt densities.
    • The heaters are offered in 24 and 48VDC, each with 25 and 50 watt options.
    • They feature a high-quality nickel-chromium resistance wire that is wound evenly around a ceramic core.
    • Magnesium oxide is used for the dielectric to ensure high thermal conductivity and dielectric strength.
    • The sheath is made of Inconel 600 and it ensures excellent performance in challenging environments. It can resist oxidation, which is one of the big concerns for industrial cartridge users.
    • The cartridge heaters can be integrated with a wide range of temperature sensors. Building an 1/8″ cartridge heater with an RTD or thermocouple will help you attain excellent temperature management efficiencies.
    • Birk’s 1/8″ swaged cartridge heaters are manufactured under DIN ISO EN 9001 standards, which ensures their quality and performance in challenging environments.

    Industrial Applications of 1/8″ Swaged Cartridge Heaters

    Birk Manufacturing’s cartridge heaters are used:

    • For heating hot plates, distillation plants, molds, and immersion baths. They can also be found in construction equipment and laboratory applications.
    • As nozzle heaters for hot runner systems, extrusion dies, and filter changing equipment in the 3D printing industry.
    • As heating elements in polymerization devices, dialysis equipment, sterilizers, and inhalers.
    • For heating cold compressors, book binding machines, expansion screw machines, and small heaters used in industrial equipment.

    Birkmfg cartridge heater

    Whether you need a 1/8″ cartridge heater with a thermocouple or RTD, or cartridge heaters with higher watt densities, get in touch with the team at Birk Manufacturing. They can provide cartridge heater solutions for the most challenging applications.

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