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Mary Paradis

Mary Paradis


Mary is an essential member of the Birk Manufacturing team, having worked for the company for over two decades. In her current role as Purchasing Coordinator, Mary plays a pivotal part in ensuring that Birk has the necessary materials to meet the dynamic needs of its customers. Her exceptional communication skills and attention to detail allow her to work seamlessly with Birk's partners and suppliers, coordinating activities and ensuring timely delivery of materials.

Mary performs a wide range of duties, such as tracking shipments, building strong relationships with suppliers, ensuring part quality, and keeping vendors up-to-date with certifications. Whenever there are delays in shipments, Mary promptly communicates with the Birk team to ensure they are aware of the situation. Mary's expertise and devotion to the company have played a critical role in its growth and success.

For More Information: (860) 739-4170

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