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    Birk Manufacturing to Exhibit at BIOMEDevice Boston 2019

    Birkmfg at BIOMEDevice Boston 2019 Blog Banner

    The medtech industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The increasing demand for high-quality medical instruments and devices is driving manufacturers to adopt new technologies in their designs. If you are working in said industry, it is important to know the trends and demands in it. Several tradeshows and conferences are organized in different parts of the world to address the increasing challenges in the medtech industry. BIOMEDevice Boston 2019 is one of the most important medtech industry events organized in the US, where engineers, executives, managers, and technology enthusiasts get a chance to learn about new technologies in the medtech industry. Being a leading manufacturer of innovative thermal solutions for the medtech industry, Birk Manufacturing will be participating and showcasing at BIOMEDevice Boston 2019, which is to be held at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center in Boston on May 15 and 16, 2019.

    What to Expect from Birk Manufacturing at BIOMEDevice Boston 2019

    Birkmfg-Biomedevice 2019 Register Strip

    Birk Manufacturing is preparing for a product showcase at booth #765, which means its regular customers, prospects, and attendees will get to see its industry-leading products for the medtech industry, including…

    Birk Manufacturing is also known for its strong engineering capabilities. At the event, medtech executives will get a chance to interact with Birk’s engineering team and discuss thermal system management and sensor issues. The following points illustrate the engineering expertise of the company.

    • Birk Manufacturing designs and manufactures thousands of etched-foil circuits with specific features such as holes and cutouts, multi-layer circuits, various terminations, shaded watt density, dual-voltage circuits, resistance taps, and flexible circuits for sensors.
    • The Design for Manufacture (DFM) program offered by the company enables customers to achieve optimal designs and quality throughout the product lifecycle.
    • Over the years, Birk has invested in various proprietary processes, which enable it to provide customized solutions to its clients.

    Why should you attend BIOMEDevice Boston 2019?

    BIOMEDevice 2019 is a leading medtech event conducted in New England. What is so specific about this event? Why should I attend this event? Here is why attending this event might be helpful to you:

    • BIOMEDevice attracts up to 4,500 industry-leading engineers and executives as well as 450 suppliers from across the US. The event is designed for managers, engineers, and executives searching for solutions to problems that are prohibiting them from converting their concepts into products.
    • BIOMEDevice 2019 features two additional expos—Design & Manufacturing New England, and Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) Boston . Through its innovative theme and expos, this event offers an incredibly expansive showcase of innovative solutions for design, medtech, engineering, and embedded products.
    • Attendees will get to see and experience products, from new materials to solutions in testing to smart solutions and components, from industry-leading manufacturers and suppliers serving the ever-expanding medtech, design engineering, and embedded system industries in New England.
    • There will be free product demonstrations and presentations by expert demonstrators such as Birk Manufacturing, where booth visitors will get a chance to ask technology- and product-related questions as well as find custom solutions for their specific problems.
    • Attendees can meet industry experts and participate in expert panel discussions on industry-related topics and new developments in the medtech industry as well as attend case study presentations. These case study presentations will help participants learn about new engineering practices and market trends. In addition, attendees can gain insights into sensors, aerospace, robotics, defense, and various other industries.

    Birk’s customers can use the discount code BMD-ub08 to save on registration fees for the event.

    The team at Birk Manufacturing is looking forward to meeting you at BIOMEDevice Boston 2019. To make an appointment, please contact us now.

    Details of BIOMEDevice Boston 2019

    • Dates: May 15–16, 2019
    • Venue: Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, Boston, MA
    • Booth No.: #765
    • 2019 Show Hours:
      • Wednesday, May 15, 2019 : 10 am–4 pm
      • Thursday, May 16, 2019 : 10 am–4 pm
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