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    Birk Manufacturing at Pittcon Conference and Expo 2019

    Blog-Birk Manufacturing at Pittcon 2019

    Laboratory diagnosis is an important part of any treatment. Although lab tests may appear simple and are an effective way for doctors to determine the course of treatment, they involve the use of advanced technologies and instruments. What are the new technologies in laboratory science? To learn more visit the Pittcon 2019 expo at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from March 17–21, 2019.

    Why is thermal management important in a laboratory? What role do flexible heating elements play in your laboratory diagnosis? You can find out at Booth 835, where Birk’s thermal management experts have the answers.

    3 Reasons to Stop at the Birk Manufacturing Booth at the Pittcon Conference and Expo 2019

    Birk Manufacturing is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative thermal heating elements. The company provides high-quality thermal systems and flexible heaters for use in instrumentation, medical devices, semiconductors, and diagnostic equipment. But that’s not all. Here are three reasons to visit Birk Manufacturing’s booth at the event.

    • The company will be showcasing its industry-leading products, including flexible heaters, Kapton heating solutions, silicon rubber heating systems, Mica-insulated heating elements and systems, and butyl rubber heating elements.
    • Birk is certified according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, AS 9100D, ITAR, UL, and CSA. This shows its commitment to quality and focus on standardizing engineering processes. The experts at Birk look forward to explaining its various innovative engineering processes to you at the event.
    • The company is also known for its advanced customization capabilities. Birk provides customized heaters integrated with fuses, temperature sensors, and connectors, which are vulcanized or bonded to machine parts. Do you want to build innovative thermal heaters? Birk’s experts will help you understand the benefits of different parts and their contributions to laboratory test results.

    What is the Pittcon Conference and Expo 2019?

    Since 1950, Pittcon has been one of the leading annual expositions and conferences for laboratory science. This conference is conducted by the Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy. Although it began as a small technical meeting followed by an exhibition of instrumentation products, today it attracts medical businesses, governments, and academics from at least 90 countries around the world.
    Since its inception, the event has attracted two communities – the research community, with its interest in analytical instrumentation and techniques; and manufacturers and suppliers of instrumentation, laboratory equipment, and supplies.

    Why Should You Attend Pittcon 2019?

    Are you attending Pittcon 2019? If not, here are a few reasons you should consider attending the event:

    • This global event offers the opportunity to see and understand various in-demand products and the latest instruments used in laboratories. It also includes several live demos and product seminars to help you upgrade your knowledge.
    • The event will feature more than 2,000 technical representations and 100 skill-building courses.
    • This year, its 70th anniversary celebration adds extra interest.
    • You will have an opportunity to discuss your laboratory challenges with our thermal experts at Booth 835!

    Details of Pittcon Conference and Expo 2019

    • Dates: March 19–21, 2019
    • Venue: Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
    • 2019 Event Timings:
      • Tuesday, March 19 (9am–5pm)
      • Wednesday, March 20 (9am–5pm)
      • Thursday, March 21 (9am–5pm)
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