Circuit Design

Birk Manufacturing designs thousands of wire and etched foil circuits each year to meet the specific needs of our customers. Birk can offer our customers many features highlighted below.

Circuit Design

Accommodate Holes and Cutouts:

Many times heaters need to fit around holes and cutouts. This can be designed in either etched foil or wire circuits to provide heating of the entire surface area.

Multi-layer Circuits:

Many times we need to maximize surface area to spread the watt density. Multi-layer circuits can be used to fit a high resistance in a small area by putting two circuits in series. The multi-layer circuit also allows us to put a sensor flex circuit on top of the heater circuit to maximize the heated area.

Sensors and Fuses within a circuit:

To control heat and temperature limits properly, thermostats, RTDs, thermocouples, thermistors, solid state sensors and fuses are strategically placed within a circuit to achieve the best operating thermal system.

Various Terminations:

Birk can offer many different terminations such as: leads from 36 gauge to 10 gauge, soldered terminals, connectors, pins and zero insertion force connections.

Shaded Watt Density:

Different heat intensities in the same circuit can provide an even heat across an entire heated area, and can compensate for cool heat sink edges.

Dual Voltage Circuits:

A single heater can be designed to operate on more than one voltage by including dual circuits with three leads.

Resistance Taps:

Since the heater circuit is a resistor, taps can be taken anywhere along that circuit to provide a given voltage to an LED or other component that requires other than line voltage.

Flex Circuits for Sensors:

Sensors are generally located within a heated area. Non-heated flex circuits can be built into the circuit design to carry the signal to the instruments.

Circuite Design

When Birk is included in the early circuit design we can offer many features that will improve the performance of the thermal system and often reduce cost.

Feel free to contact one of Birk's application engineers for assistance in the design of your next thermal system.
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