Customized Sensor Solutions

Birk Manufacturing specializes in providing engineered solutions for even the most complex sensor applications. All of our Resistance Temperature Devices (RTDs) and thermocouples can be customized to meet your dimension and specification needs. Birk also has the capability of incorporating thermistors to match our customers systems in the event that a thermistor is need in place of a RTD or thermocouple.

While standard RTDs are available for immediate purchase, customized RTD options deliver additional classes with customized lead wires per your connection needs to ensure optimal application accuracy. Customized thermocouple solutions provide various types, multiple lead gauges and insulation options for high-temperature applications that require greater flexibility.

In addition, Birk has the ability to incorporate custom housing options for all of its sensor elements. Various probe fittings are available for ease of installation. Birk can also supply any size Bolt-On to meet your application needs. Custom surface mount build ups are available for improved ruggedness, chemical resistance and waterproofing.

Birk specializes in custom sensor solutions and its engineering team thrives on solving any challenge no matter how difficultly or complexity.

Sensors and Sensor Assemblies

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