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    Temperature measurement and control have become an integral part of industrial process monitoring. Many industrial applications require continuous and accurate temperature control. Temperature sensors are installed in such applications for consistent temperature monitoring and control. There are different types of industrial temperature sensors, such as surface mount RTDs, thermocouples, thermocouple probes, probe-type RTDs, etc. Among them, the probe-type sensors stand...

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    Today, localized heating is key to the performance of industrial applications. To achieve this, manufacturers use various types of flexible heating elements. These heating elements are made of different materials and can be fully customized to meet the thermal transfer requirements of an application. Silicone rubber, polyimide, mica, and butyl are a few of the popular materials used for flexible...

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    Uniform heating and efficient temperature control are some of the most important requirements in medical applications. Generally, medical device manufacturers meet these requirements by using different types of flexible heaters. Kapton® heaters are a popular choice for flexible heaters. These heaters are manufactured using a polyimide film called Kapton®, which is developed by DuPont. Kapton polyimide film heaters possess one...

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    Currently, the world is dealing with an extremely difficult situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In times like these, immediate medical diagnosis and treatment are essential. But with such a large number of people infected, the hospitals in our healthcare system are overloaded in terms of capacity; therefore, the need for diagnosis equipment and life support systems is even more...

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    A resistance temperature detector (RTD) is a type of temperature sensor that measures temperature by sensing the change in resistance on the surface. These RTD sensors are small, have quick response times, and offer high-temperature sensitivity. Owing to their immense popularity, several different types of RTDs are used in multiple industries for various purposes. The common types are 1,000 ohms...

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    Heating is an important process in both stagnant and dynamic applications. In fact, controlled and uniform heating is an integral process for many critical applications that require specific temperature ranges to ensure crucial analysis or delivery. This is where flexible heaters are used. Most of these are polyimide film heaters, which are also known throughout the industry as Kapton® heaters....

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    Silicone rubber heaters are thin, flexible heating solutions that can be adhered or laminated to a variety of different substrates that require elevated, stable temperatures. Constructed using wire-wound or etched foil heating circuits that are then laminated between two thin layers of silicone, these resilient, reliable heaters are optimal for delivering uniform heat. Customized circuitries allow for heaters to have...

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    Easy application of heat where it is needed no matter the shapes, sizes, and dimensions is what adds to the wide popularity of silicon rubber heaters. Manufactured with wire or etched foil heating circuits placed between two “wafers” of silicone, these heating solutions are available in varying watt densities, dual voltages and multiple heated zones. In the last post, we...

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    The outbreak of COVID-19 is having a global impact. Today’s business reality is in a constant state of flux as companies educate themselves and adjust their business models to minimize risks presented by the spreading disease. COVID-19, the newest strain of coronavirus, was first reported in Wuhan, China, as a new type of pneumonia virus in December 2019. On March...

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    The medical device manufacturing industry is one of the fastest-growing in the world and is expected to become a $200 billion industry by 2025. Technology has been one of the key growth drivers, and it has been influenced by factors such as the emergence of new diseases, the existence of chronic illnesses, an aging population, and so on. As the...

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