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    Choose Mica Heaters for Economical Heating Solutions

    Gone are the days when cumbersome heating system used to take up space in any application. Nowadays, a lot of industrial appliances make use of flexible heating systems like mica heaters for better operational efficiency. These heaters are ideal when you are looking for substrate stability and even distribution of temperature. Mica heaters must be securely clamped in place during operation.

    General Features of Mica Insulated Heating Elements:

    As the name suggests, these space heaters consist of elements that are covered in thin sheet of mica for insulation. Some of the characteristic features of mica heating devices are:

    • These heaters are capable of withstanding very high range of temperature (up to 600°C)
    • These heaters are very reasonable because of the low material costs
    • They can be efficiently configured in a wide range of watt densities (over 150 W/in2)
    • They are available in a large variety of sizes and shapes
    • These heaters show extremely low electrical leakage
    • They are known for fast thermal recovery
    • These heaters can be used for curved surfaces as well
    • They can be manufactured with integrated sensors and thermal switches
    • These heaters can be easily clamped on a flat surface that needs to be heated evenly
    • They are ideal for surfaces which can come in direct contact of the heater

    Where Can You Use Mica Heating Systems?

    Mica heating systems are ideally suited for economical functions. Below are some of the common applications where these heaters are used:

    • Hot Plates Operation
    • Mold Heating
    • Cylinder (Barrels) Heating
    • Food Service Equipment
    • Air Heating Devices
    • Enclosure Systems
    • Medical Heating Systems
    • HVAC Industrial Heating Devices

    In order to get highly result-oriented and excellent performing heaters that are insulated with mica, approach Birk Manufacturing. It is an industry renowned name for superior quality mica heaters.

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