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    How Portable Battery Heaters are Beneficial for Demanding Applications


    Portable battery heaters are among the important supporting heating products that are used in demanding applications in industries such as aviation, military, naval, and aerospace, to name a few. They are designed to keep battery or battery packs at optimal operating temperatures in sub-zero climates.

    Battery heaters are typically heated using flexible heaters manufactured with silicone rubber. Silicone rubber can be waterproof and is chemical resistant. Silicone rubber can also be cured to fit 3D shapes making it the ideal material for portable battery heaters. Many models available are self-regulating, eliminating the need for active thermal management helping to reduce cost and complexity.

    When producing portable batter heaters, Birk Manufacturing ensure that their design and manufacturing techniques all adhere to industrial, commercial, and military standards including:

    Beneficial Uses of Portable Battery Heaters in Applications
    Let’s take a look at the benefits that applications can gain from using portable battery heaters.

    • Aviation: Modern avionics require high tech electronics to run a majority of the critical systems found on a plane. Batteries are installed into all of today’s aircraft and are critical in the event of power loss. The installed batteries will continue to power the avionics equipment until the power is restored or the plane is safely landed. Batteries typically have a very specific operating temperature range which ensures optimal power is supplied in the event of a power failure. Birk manufactures silicone rubber heaters that can help regulate the operating temperatures so the equipment will work at its optimum level.
    • Naval/Military: Silicone rubber heaters are extremely prevalent on naval destroyer ships. They can be installed in the ship’s moisture separators to prevent the turbine engines from freezing from the extremely cold waters. For various military applications, battery heaters can be lined against the battery box, or as stand-alone devices to heat the batteries.
    • Aerospace:Extremely frigid temperatures within a spacecraft are common due to the harsh external climate of space. Battery heaters are excellent at regulating the heat within the spaceship when it is in orbit.

    Flexible designs, intricate manufacturing processes, and excellent service are some of the attributes that make silicone rubber portable battery heaters the perfect choice for demanding applications.

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