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Switch to Efficient Heating Solutions with Flexible Heaters

A wide variety of industrial applications require heating solutions that are reliable as well as efficient. Flexible heaters are ideal for providing such accommodative heating and immense thermal recovery. They can conform to suit the surface that is to be heated and hence they are versatile in nature.

Brief Overview of Flexible Heaters

Basic flexibility while heating a surface for a large-scale or small-scale industrial application is the fundamental property shown by flexible heating systems. Rugged and durable in nature, these devices make use of heat sinks, probes, temperature sensors, and electronic circuits for heating a particular surface.

There are different types of flexible heating systems:

  • Silicone Rubber Heating System
  • Mica Insulated Heating Elements and Systems
  • Butyl Rubber Heating Solutions
  • Heating Tapes (With and Without Thermostat)
  • Wrap Around Heaters for Tanks
  • RAPT°R Heaters
  • Gas Cylinder Heaters
  • Polyimide Film Heaters

Based on the demands and nature of the applications, you can choose the most suited flexible heating system. For example, if you need your heating system to be water proof, or chemically resistant then you should go for butyl rubber heaters. Similarly, for rapid thermal recovery, silicone heaters or mica heaters are suitable. If you have highly specific requirements, then you can opt for custom flexible heaters that are designed as per your specifications.

Application Areas of Flexible Heating System:

A flexible system is used for surface heating in various sectors, such as:

  • Manufacture of Semiconductors
  • Goods Packaging
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Medical Industry
  • Food Services
  • HVAC Industry

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