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    Why is Mica Used in Heating Systems?

    Mica heating elements are a popular choice in various heating applications due to their high temperature capabilities of up to 600°C. Where other types of heating elements cannot handle the required temperatures, a mica solution is often used. Mica heaters are made using thin sheets of mica, allowing for low thermal mass and extremely quick heat-up times. Due to the build-up of mica heaters it is extremely important that they are fully clamped in place to avoid any delamination from such fast heat-up times.

    High temperature mica heaters are used in a variety of different industries, ranging from the semiconductor industry to food service. Very uniform temperature distribution across the heating elements allow for precise heat transfer.

    All of Birk’s heating elements, including mica heaters, are available in any size and geometry you can think of. Intricate designs and tight tolerances are normal when it comes to mica heaters. This results in mica elements being a great solution to any situation that requires a unique heating element with a very high temperature requirement.

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