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    To announce our new product line of Standard Sensors and Sensor Assemblies

    February 7, 2014 – Through continuous communication with our current and potential customers, Birk is pleased to have identified the need for its newest product line, Standard Sensor and Sensor Assemblies. Developing, designing and producing high quality sensor products are possible through the utilization and expansion of Birk’s core competencies. This organic communication has driven Birk to be an industry leader and innovator within its niche market. The Standard Sensor and Sensor Assemblies product lines are a benchmark that generates multiple features and benefits for its customers. Each sensor capability provides accurate sensing and controlling technologies within various applications while generating a quicker response time. Highly trained production staff, an experienced engineering team, streamed lined communications, and lean processing permits Birk to rapidly produce a high quality, cost effective thermal solution. While standardized solutions are available for immediate use, Birk is pleased to continue to provide customized solutions upon request.

    Click here to view our new Standard Sensor and Sensor Assemblies product line

    For More Information: (860) 739-4170

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