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    Customer Service and the 5 Rules of Birk


    The 5 Rules of Birk convey basic principles we feel are fundamental to doing good business.  They are:

    1 – Customer First

    2 – Help Each Other

    3 – Learn New Skills

    4 – Communicate

    5 – Have Fun

    I will write about each one in successive blogs and it’s convenient the first one is about customer service, since that is what I enjoy doing every day.

    BIRK RULE #1 – Customer First

    We hear the phrase “the customer always comes first” in many different situations throughout our lives, but here at Birk, customer service is really about company culture, and our culture is one of the things we’re most proud of.  We feel customer service is everyone’s job and the commitment to not only meet the customer’s expectation, but to exceed it, is apparent throughout our company.

    We realize that a customer service experience can change the entire perception a customer has of an organization.  Since most of what we make is custom-designed, we often need to find solutions for a particular application and we take the time to identify customer needs right up front. An engineer is always available to discuss the application in detail, so the correct solution is found.  After all, we are in business to service our customers, so it is important to not only clearly identify, but to also anticipate, what customers want.

    At Birk manufacturing, you won’t have to talk to a recording or push a lot of buttons to get to a person; someone will always pick up the phone to take your call (of course, voice mail is available after hours so your call is not missed and it will be returned first thing in the morning).

    Ultimately, without our customers, we would not be in business.  Therefore, it is of utmost importance that we take care of our most vital asset and the reason “Customer First” is the #1 rule at Birk.

    Stacey Stevens

    Customer Service Manager

    Birk Manufacturing, Inc.

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